Volume 4 Issue 1 – March, 2006

Table of Contents

   CJHP Editorial Board
Table of Contents
Editor’s Corner

Professional Updates

AAHE At-A-Glance vi-xi
SOPHE Corner xii-xiv
UN Update xv-xvii

Research and Theory

Health Information and Cancer Screening Differences for Asian Americans
Steven E. Shive, Grace X. Ma, Yin Tan, JamilI. Toubbeh, Lalitha Parameswaran
A Cholesterol Primer for Health Professionals
Rodney G. Bowden, Stuart Hebert, Ronald Wilson, Mindy Gentile, Beth A. Lanning
An Initial Assessment of a Forgotten Minority Community: Key Informant’s Perceptions of Environmental Health in Fresno, Texas
Denae W. King, María A. Hernández-Valero, Paul C. Chukelu, and Lovell A. Jones
Introducing Health Promotion Agenda-Setting for Health Education Practitioners
Charles T. Kozel, William M. Kane, Michael T. Hatcher, Anne P. Hubbell, James W. Dearing, Sue Forster-Cox, Sharon Thompson, Frank G. Pérez and Melanie Goodman
Medical Marijuana Revisited
Michael Koger
Youth Health Services, Development Programs, and Teenage Birth Rates in 55 California Cities
Mike Males
The Work of Health Educators in a Clinical Setting
Lisa Smith and James F. McKenzie
Accessing Web-Based Health Related Information by College Students: An Exploratory Study
Nsele Mengi Nsuangani and Miguel A. Pérez
The Effects of Glycemic Load and Exercise on Overweight/Obesity in College Students
Georgia N. L. Johnston Polacek and Bill DeSola
Measurement of Theoretical Constructs for Health Behavior: Issues in Selecting and Developing Measures
Colleen A. Redding, Jay E. Maddock, Joseph S. Rossi
Cultural Competence in Health Care Systems: A Case Study
Miguel A. Perez, Antonio Gonzalez, Helda Pinzon-Perez
How Do Californians Define Safe Sex?
Joel M. Moskowitz, Assunta Ritieni, Maya Tholandi, Qiang Xia
Designing Effective Health Education Interventions for Preventing Obesity in South Asian Americans
Manoj Sharma
The Epidemic of Obesity in African American Communities and the Need for a Culturally Sensitive After School Childhood Obesity Prevention Program
Edward V. Wallace
Health Educators as Problem Solvers/Policy Advocates: Taking on Childhood Obesity
Kathy DeBarr
Exploring Agenda-Setting for Healthy Border 2010: Research Directions and Methods
Charles T. Kozel, Anne P. Hubbell, James Dearing, William M. Kane, Sharon Thompson, Frank Peréz, Enrique Suárez, Adriana Peña, Michael T. Hatcher, Melanie Goodman, Kathrin Berg Pettit, Shelly Modell, and Everett M. Rogers (in memoriam)
Reducing Stress and Enhancing the General Well-Being of Teachers Using T’ai Chi Chih® Movements: A Pilot Study
Richard A. Detert, Courtney Derosia, Tracy Caravella, R. Daniel Duquette
Ideology Versus Reality in the Lunchroom: A Comparative Study of Three School Nutrition Programs
Karla McLaren and Tony Waters

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Hannes Mulm
Hannes Mulm ist ein seit vielen Jahren anerkannter Experte in den Bereichen Medizin und Ernährungswissenschaft, dessen fachkundige Meinung vielerorts gefragt ist. Glücklicherweise konnten wir ihn, unter anderem, dafür gewinnen, unseren Blog mit seinem reichhaltigen Expertenwissen zu bereichern. Mit seiner Expertise konnten bereits unzählige medizinische Probleme gelöst und das Wohlbefinden der Betroffenen auf diesem Wege wiederhergestellt werden.


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