Manuscripts are now being accepted. Please forward all manuscripts to Dr. Jie Weiss, CJHP Editor ([email protected]).

Changing of the Guard

After editing the Californian Journal of Health Promotion since its inception in 2002, Founding Editor Dr. Mark Tomita of California State University, Chico, is now pursuing new goals, including writing a new edition of his computer applications in public health textbook and further developing the concept of “Health Voice.” Mark’s dedicated efforts over the past five years have led to the completion of 20 issues and 4 special issues, all of which are available free of charge to viewers. In addition to the traditional scholarly article, videos and slideshows illustrating research activities have also been featured in the journal.

The new editor is Dr. Jie Weiss at California State University, Fullerton. The Journal will continue to publish peer-reviewed scholarly papers with a relatively quick turnaround time, and also to provide a forum for novel professional work that takes advantage of the Internet and multimedia technology. Thanks to online publication, papers published here will be immediately available to readers everywhere at no charge.

The Editorial Board has been expanded to include two Associate Editors and 16 Sub-Section Editors. With this structure, we anticipate that all submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by experts with specialized knowledge. We invite original works in the domains of health promotion or practice from authors anywhere in the world. Papers describing theory or practice are welcome.

Hannes Mulm ist ein seit vielen Jahren anerkannter Experte in den Bereichen Medizin und Ernährungswissenschaft, dessen fachkundige Meinung vielerorts gefragt ist. Glücklicherweise konnten wir ihn, unter anderem, dafür gewinnen, unseren Blog mit seinem reichhaltigen Expertenwissen zu bereichern. Mit seiner Expertise konnten bereits unzählige medizinische Probleme gelöst und das Wohlbefinden der Betroffenen auf diesem Wege wiederhergestellt werden.


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