Volume 8 Issue 1 – December, 2010

Table of Contents

   CJHP Editorial Board
Table of Contents


One more step to profession unity: Is it possible to bring the professional health education organizations together?
James F. McKenzie and Jagdish Khubchandani

Research and Theory

Best Practices for Telemedicine Programs
Lois A. Ritter, Tessa R. Robinette, and John Cofano
Safer Sexual Practices and HIV Screening Behavior among Rural California American Indians
Felicia S. Hodge and Karabi Sinha
What type of weight loss program do postpartum women want? Treatment preferences of postpartum women in two community settings
Suzanne Phelan, Katelyn Smith, John-Mark Steele, Dawn Wilt, Sally Ames, and Linda McClure
Children’s Choice of Wii Sports Games and Energy Expenditure
Bryan L. Haddock, Shannon R. Siegel, and Linda D. Wilkin
Enhancing wellness by therapeutic lifestyle change: Does cost determine program commitment?
Shveta Sanghani, Alexis Deavenport, Patti Herring, S. Eric Anderson, Ernie Medina, and Sanam Kazemi
A Mixed Method Evaluation of a College Student Fitness Program Using the RE-AIM Frameword
Michelle L. Bartlett and Sam J. Zizzi
The Effects of an Adolescent Asthma Education Intervention on Knowledge, Intention, Behavior, Self-Efficacy and Self-Consciousness
Kara Zografos, Helen Hopp Marshak, David T. Dyjack and Christine Neish
The Voices of Native Hawaiian Women: Perceptions, Responses and Needs Regarding Intimate Partner Violence
Mary F. Oneha, Lois Magnussen and Jan Shoultz

Work By Graduate Students

The Ever Evolving Concept of a New Public Health: Book Review
Nancy Shehadeh
We are Family: Family History of Diabetes among African Americans and its Association to Perceived Severity, Knowledge of Risk Factors, and Physical Activity Levels
Alexander Omolafe, Michele Mouttapa, Shari McMahan, and Sora Park Tanjasiri

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Hannes Mulm
Hannes Mulm ist ein seit vielen Jahren anerkannter Experte in den Bereichen Medizin und Ernährungswissenschaft, dessen fachkundige Meinung vielerorts gefragt ist. Glücklicherweise konnten wir ihn, unter anderem, dafür gewinnen, unseren Blog mit seinem reichhaltigen Expertenwissen zu bereichern. Mit seiner Expertise konnten bereits unzählige medizinische Probleme gelöst und das Wohlbefinden der Betroffenen auf diesem Wege wiederhergestellt werden.


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